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Information after granting places in student dormitories

The results of the round of granting places in student dormitories, during which you applied for a place in a dormitory, have appeared in USOSweb. Below is information on possible further steps you can or should take.

Click on the heading describing your situation to view more information.

If you have been given a place in a UJ dormitory (Żaczek, Nawojka, Bydgoska C/D, Piast or Bursa Jagiellońska) rewerber that: 

  • reservation fee is payable by July 31, 2024 in the amount of:
    1. 610 PLN for a place in a shared room
    2. 780 PLN for a place in a single room

to the bank account number provided in the email you will receive from the dormitory administration.  The fee is refundable in case of cancellation by September 16, 2024 (option “Resign” in the USOSweb system). Return form available on the website:

If you use the Exchange Market, do not pay the reservation fee until the day it ends.

If, despite the allocation of a place, you have not received information about the reservation fee payment, please contact the dormitory administration. Here you may  find contact information for each dormitory:  Katalogu w USOSweb.

  1. After the expiration date of the referral (you can find the date in the application details in the USOSweb system), your place in the dormitory is forfeited.
  1. Here you may find the accommodation schedule:

There is no reservation fee.

If you have been given a place in the AGH Student Town, remember that.:  

  1. registration is mandatory at:,
  2. accommodation from September 23 to 30, 2024,  
  3. there is no reservation fee

You may use the Exchange Market in the USOSweb system. The exchange of places takes place automatically, on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the places submitted to the exchange. The exchange takes place only if there is another person who would like to make a reverse swap to the one you submitted. To apply for an exchange, register your application by selecting Exchange Market in USOSweb, under |Common Section , Applications.  You can also stay in the dormitory in which you have been given a place and exchange it during the academic year when rooms become vacant in your more desirable dormitory. These rules also apply to the conversion of a dormitory into a single room from the shared room.

When joining the Exchange Market, hold off on paying the reservation fee until the Exchange Market is closed.

If the reservation fee was paid to the wrong dormitory due to an Exchange Market, contact the dormitory administration to change the reservation or refund the fee. Here you may find contact information for individual dormitory: Katalogu w USOSweb

If you do not need the allocated place, resign as soon as possible, so that another person could receive it. Resignation is possible using the option “Resign” in the USOSweb system. If you cancel your reservation by September 16, 2024 using the above-mentioned option in USOSweb, the reservation fee is refundable, after submitting a form to the dormitory. You can find an application template at: