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Information regarding NAWA Scholarships

Information for Collegium Medicum students can be find at Division for Education and Academic Careers

National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) provides scholarships for international students under programmes announced every year. Students and candidates apply for scholarships individually, and Jagiellonian University does not help with that process.

Information regarding programmes, including processed by the Jagiellonian University, application deadlines and regulations, are available on the National Agency for Academic Exchange website.

Important information for NAWA scholarship holders

  • The NAWA Director’s decision constitute a basis for undertaking studies and receiving the scholarship. The decision includes information regarding the period for which the scholarship was granted, the conditions for payment, and the scholarship amount. Scholarship holders must send the decision file to the secretary’s office responsible for their studies and the address immediately after receiving it;
  • After receiving a favourable NAWA decision, scholarship holders must fulfil obligations regarding NAWA: sign an agreement and deliver confirmation of student status/continuation of full-time studies, and other duties included in the agreement and regulations for granting scholarships;
  • Payment of the first scholarship after receipt of the decision depends on when the NAWA will provide the Jagiellonian University with the scholarship holder’s details;
  • In case of circumstances due to which the payment of scholarships may be withheld or suspended, such as deans leave (including retroactive leave), repeating an academic year, or failure to meet the conditions of the agreement with the NAWA, a scholarship holder must inform the Centre for Academic Support at;
  • A scholarship holder each month must confirm the rights to receive a scholarship by submitting declarations in USOSweb;
  • All information regarding NAWA scholarships is sent to the e-mail addresses in the domain.

Payment of the scholarship

  • the amount of the scholarship depends on the programme and the level of study, and it is indicated in the NAWA Director’s decision. The rules of payment are determined in the regulations;
  • scholarships are paid by the university in Polish Złoty (PLN) to the bank account in a Polish bank. You may submit the bank account number (26 digits) in USOSweb > “Common section” tab > “Bank account and tax office”. Scholarship holders under 18 years of age who cannot open a bank account should contact;
  • a scholarship may be withheld. Scholarship holders must read the regulations carefully as they include rules for withholding a scholarship;
  • after the reason for withholding a scholarship, scholarship holders must submit an application for a resumption of scholarship payments to the Centre for Academic Support at Our employees will send the application to NAWA. After accepting the application by NAWA scholarship payments will be resumed.

Additional benefits

  • in the 1st year of first-, and long-cycle studies, the first scholarship will be increased by PLN 500 for acclimatization in Poland;
  • in the last year of studies, the last scholarship will be increased by PLN 500 for preparation of diploma thesis;
  • scholarship holders who receive scholarship payments in a particular academic year may apply for a one-time allowance (so-called random event allowance) of PLN 500 in exceptional circumstances. To receive it, scholarship holders must submit an application, which our employees will send to the NAWA.

NAWA scholarship and other benefits

NAWA scholarship holders may at the same time receive:

  • the Rector’s Scholarship;
  • scholarship for students with disabilities;
  • special allowance;
  • scholarship from the JU own scholarship funds;
  • social scholarship – only if a scholarship holder meets all of its conditions and if the regulations of the NAWA scholarship allows to do it.

Information regarding scholarships for international students can be find here.

In case of questions please contact us at


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