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Health care

Information for Collegium Medium students can be find at Division for Education and Academic Careers

All the students are obliged to have health insurance during the whole period of studies. You also have to deliver insurance proof during enrolment until September.

The documents that are accepted as insurance proof are following:
  • a commercial health insurance,
  • a contract or a confirmation from the Polish National Health Fund (in Polish: NFZ – Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia),
  • or the European Health Insurance Card - EHIC (in polish: EKUZ – Europejska Karta Ubezpieczenia Zdrowotnego).

How to obtain health insurance for different groups of students

  • You should be insured in Poland on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card issued in your country.
  • If you don’t have it, your parent should register you in your home country as a member of the family.
  • If your parent can’t register you, you can apply for insurance at the Jagiellonian University through the electronic form.
  • Remember, that you can apply for insurance from University only in exceptional situation, when you don’t have EHIC card or any other health insurance in your home country!

Poles card holders:

  • Who is recognized as a person of Polish origin may apply for health insurance in Polish National Health Fund (NFZ). In this case health insurance contributions are paid by the University. You should firstly sign up an agreement with NFZ and then register your health insurance at the University:
1. sign the voluntary health insurance agreement with NFZ (National Health Fund - "Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia")
2. register for healtth insurance at the University
3. deliver agreement with the NFZ and the ZUS ZZA form to your Institute's Office

You may sign up an agreement with NZF in the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ) branch in Kraków, which is located in Wadowicka 8W Street, 30-415 (

Notice! The agreement with NFZ will be valid since the 1st of October.

As for enrolment you should deliver health insurance until the 29th of September there is special solution. In this case you may buy a short-term insurance policy until the agreement with NFZ enters into force.

Mandatory documents to sign up the agreement with NFZ:

  • copy of the first page of the passport and a copy of the valid visa or the resident’s card,
  • valid certificate of admission or a certificate of student’s/doctoral student’s/course participant’s status
  • (The certificate is valid for 30 days from the issuing date of the document)
  • copy of a document confirming the granting of the PESEL number (if applicable),
  • document confirming the place of stay, e.g. a copy of the confirmation of temporary registration
  • a copy of the Pole’s Card or a copy of the document confirming Polish origins according to the rules on repatriation.

Mandatory documents to register health insurance at the University:

  • Passport,
  • Polish Card or other document confirming the Polish origin,
  • Student/PhD candidate ID card,
  • Agreement with the Polish National Health Fund (NFZ),
  • PESEL number (if applies).

In the case of online-registration, which can be made by completing the electronic application form, it is enough to attach a scan of the current contract with the NFZ.


There are two ways of getting health insurance:

purchase insurance in the Polish National Health Fund:

  1. sign up an agreement with NFZ (National Health Fund - "Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia")
  2. register this agreement in any ZUS (The Social Insurance Institution - "Zakład Ubezpieczeń Społecznych") branch 
  3. deliver proof of insurance to your Institute's Office

All students may purchase insurance in the Polish National Health Fund (Narodowy Fundusz Zdrowia - NFZ) by signing up an agreement with NFZ. In this case the contributions are paid by student. The monthly cost of such insurance for students is around 55,80 PLN (13 EUR). Foreigners insured in NFZ, are treated equally to Polish citizens and have the same access to health care benefits and the financing of these benefits.

 Later you should go to any ZUS branch and register an agreement with the National Health Fund there. Only this step confirms the application for health insurance in the National Health Fund. ZUS provides the account number to which the student is obliged to pay contributions every month. The confirmation of the insurance is the ZUZ ZZA form and confirmation of the payment of the last contribution.

 Proof of insurance must be delivered to your Institute’s Office.

 Buy a commercial health insurance:

Student may buy a commercial health insurance. It has to cover 30 000 euro, the whole academic year / period of studies, hospital treatment and other.

A copy of the health insurance policy must be delivered to the Institute’s Office.

 Remember! You should only have one type of insurance. In case of acquiring another title to health insurance, e.g. employment based on an employment contract, contract of mandate (in the case of people over 26), registering your own business, compulsory insurance for a working spouse, you should absolutely report this fact at the University.

Additional information

You may also be insured by your employer. In this case it is your employer who pay contributions to the ZUS. Then you have to deliver a document, that proves this fact. For enrolment you have deliver a certificate from the employer or ZUS confirming payment of the health insurance contribution for the last three months

If health insurance policy is constructed in another language than Polish or English (it depends on the language of your studies), a sworn translation of this document must be done.