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NAWA Scholarships

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Welcome Centre - Centre for Academic Support

ul. Ingardena 6
(entrance from ul. Oleandry 2a)
1st floor, 30-060 Kraków, Poland

phone: +48 12 663 26 73,
+48 12 663 26 74

Please contact us only from your e-mail address in the domain and regularly check your e-mail!

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NAWA scholarships

Please visit Division for Education and Academic Careers for information on Collegium Medicum scholarships

If you are an international candidate applying for studies in Poland, you can apply for a scholarship offered by the National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA). Detailed information about available programmes, application schedules, regulations, and guidelines can be found on the NAWA website. Please note that Jagiellonian University is not engaged in the application process – it’s all in your hands!

Applying for an NAWA scholarship is not the only step; you also need to go through the admission process at Jagiellonian University. Information about JU admissions for international students is available at If you’re not planning to pursue full-time studies but intend to visit us for a short-term mobility (e.g. a one-year course), please let us know, and we’ll guide you on further steps. You can reach us at

Responsibilities of a scholarship holder

Congratulations on being awarded the scholarship! Below, you’ll find essential information about managing NAWA scholarships at Jagiellonian University - please read it carefully.

- Fulfill the obligations outlined in the contract that you signed with NAWA and in scholarship regulations.
- Send us the NAWA decision which confirms your scholarship. Based on this decision, we will process the monthly payments. Our email address is

- Open a bank account in Poland as soon as possible and enter its number in USOSweb (tab: common section > bank account and tax office).

- On the 15th day of each month, you will find in your USOSweb account declarations about your location – please read and submit them truthfully and carefully. Remember that any departure from Poland for a period longer than 30 days will result in the suspension of scholarship payments. Check your USOSweb now! 

- Keep us informed about any changes in your study programme (e.g. Erasmus exchange, student leave, change of study programme). Such changes must be consulted with the NAWA.

On the 10th day of each month, the university transfers the scholarship to your bank account in PLN. If you don’t have a Polish bank account, open one as soon as possible and enter its number in USOSweb (tab: common section > bank account and tax office).

If you’re under 18 years old and cannot open a bank account, please contact us at

The scholarship payment depends on several factors: you must fulfil all conditions specified by NAWA in your contract and scholarship regulations. Additionally, you should fulfil all obligations towards the university, as described in the section Your responsibilities. We transfer the scholarship to students indicated by NAWA in the list of scholarship holders.

If you’d like to apply for a place in a student residence, submit an application through USOSweb. Please mind that being addmitted to a study programme at Jagiellonian University does not guarantee accommodation! Visit for more information.

 If you’re are visiting Jagiellonian University for a short-time mobility, you’ll have the opportunity to apply for accommodation through MyMobility platform.

All students, including exchange students, should have insurance coverage throughout their stay at Jagiellonian University. Visit for more information.

Intro Days is an annual event organised at Jagiellonian University for newly admitted international students.

Here are some examples of sessions that you can join:

Meetings with university representatives: during these sessions, you will get information about the university’s structure, important aspects of student life, and ways of accessing university resources.

Workshops and presentations: among other essential topics, we are discussing the legalisation of your stay in Poland and NAWA scholarship payments.

Tours: join us in exploring our key locations, such as Collegium Maius, Jagiellonian Library, and the Botanic Garden.

Psychological support: learn where to seek assistance during distress or while coping with cultural differences.

Intro Days usually take place at the end of September, most of our panels are conducted online via the MS Teams platform. If you want to join the tours, please remember to register so that we can ensure a comfortable and safe experience. Check the International Students website for updates on the event programme.

What is the monthly amount that I will get?

The amount depends on the scholarship programme and your level of studies. Detailed information is available in the call for applications on the NAWA website. Regulations are described in the document entitled Regulamin Programów Narodowej Agencji Wymiany Akademickiej; please note that both the amount and the period for which the scholarship is granted depends on the NAWA regulations.

Can I apply for other scholarships (e.g. the Rector’s scholarship or the social scholarship)?

Before applying for additional allowances, please read the NAWA regulations and the regulations of the additional scholarship that you are applying for. Usually, additional benefits are allowed if they are funded from different sources.

Will I receive additional allowance while I have a NAWA scholarship?

Depending on the scholarship programme, NAWA beneficiaries may receive additional benefits, such as a settlement allowance or a mobility supplement. The amount of such benefit is determined by NAWA and the payment is made by the university, you don’t need to submit any additional documents to receive it.

Can I participate in an exchange programme (e.g. the Erasmus+ mobility)?

Yes, NAWA scholarship holders can participate in the Erasmus+ exchange and still receive the scholarship. However, such mobilities should be reported, so please contact us at if you want to join an exchange programme.

Application for a change of the form of financing the studies – why should I submit it?

If you received a positive scholarship decision after you signed up for a study programme, we will ask you to submit an Application for a change of the form of financing the studies. It’s a standard administrative procedure, and there’s no need to be concerned if you haven’t received such a request. However, if we ask you to submit this application, please do it promptly. This way, the university won’t charge you for educational services or ECTS points if you fail a course.

I failed a course and I’m repeating a year, do I have to pay back the scholarship?

Failing a year won’t make you return the benefits, but scholarship payments will be suspended during that period. Once you successfully complete the repeated year, you can make a formal request to start receiving the payments again. If you find yourself in such a situation, please let us know, and we’ll guide you on further steps. Our email address is

Do I have to pay for the course that I’m repeating?
No, NAWA beneficiaries do not pay for courses that they repeat.

Can I take a student leave?

According to study regulations, you can take a student leave, however, scholarship payments will be suspended during that period. In rare cases where leave has been granted retroactively, we will formally ask you to return your allowance. That’s why it’s crucial that you keep us informed about any situations that may affect your scholarship management. You can reach us at