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Intro Days 2022

Intro Days – a series of meetings introducing international students starting their studies at the Jagiellonian University (with the exception of participants of exchange programs) into university structures and various types of introductory events aimed at bringing closer the reality of everyday student life in Kraków. The program includes meetings with representatives of the academic community as well as workshops which are conducted not only by organizations connected with the university, but also by non-university institutions.

The Intro Days event consists of various, complex panels –  we wish that the participation in them will help you familiarize with the new realities of studies and everyday life in a new city. We encourage you to take part in various meetings – the schedule was based on the experience of participants from the past years. Please find the description of particular panels below – available in Polish, English and Russian.

Intro Days 2022 will take place from 26 to 30 September 2022.

Join the on-line panels listed below remotely via MS teams. Remember to register for the stationary events. Thanks to that we will be able to provide you with comfortable and safe conditions of participation.

The locations of the events and Welcome Centre are available on the map below.

Contact our Ambassadors in case of any questions.

Thank you for your attention and see you at the event!

* stationary event, registration required

  Events available in Polish Events available in English

26 September, Monday


Otwarcie Intro Days 2022

Opening of Intro Days 2022


Twoja kariera z Biurem Karier

How it works at JU?


Jak to działa na UJ?

Your career with Career Services!



JU history


Historia UJ

Training in university etiquette


Collegium Maius*

Collegium Maius*


USOSweb, poczta UJ, MS Teams

USOSweb, JU e-mail, MS Teams


27 September, Tuesday



Legalization of stay


Legalizacja pobytu



Bezpieczny Student

Psychological Support in Crisis - presentation of the Student Centre for Support and Adaptation (SOWA)


Wsparcie psychologiczne w kryzysie - prezentacja ośrodka SOWA UJ

Safe student


Ogród Botaniczny*

Botanical Garden*


28 September, Wednesday


Wymiany krajowe i międzynarodowe

Organisation of the academic year


Organizacja studiów

International and domestic exchanges



Library training


Szkolenie biblioteczne



Muzeum Farmacji*

Museum of Pharmacy*


Seria pytań i odpowiedzi z Ambasadorami

Questions and answers with Ambassadors


29 September, Thursday


NAWA: Programy stypendialne

Financial aid


Pomoc materialna

NAWA scholarships


Spotkanie dla rodziców

Meeting for parents


Centrum Edukacji Przyrodniczej*

Nature Education Centre*


USOSweb, poczta UJ, MS Teams


USOSweb, JU e-mail, MS Teams


30 September, Friday


Szkolenie biblioteczne

Student dormitories


Domy studenckie

Library training


Seria pytań i odpowiedzi z Zespołem Welcome Centre

Questions and answers with Welcome Centre Team


Spotkanie z przedstawicielami organizacji studenckich

Student organizations

Download PDF version of Intro Days 2022 programme

Welcome Point Information and registration meeting for all foreign students, offering substantive and organisational support.
Your career with Career Services During the meeting with the employee of the Career Services, participants will receive valuable information concerning not only the work of the office and proposals for students, but also information about the most important current data from the labor market, considering Krakow’s characteristics. Participants will learn how to direct their careers with the support of the Career Services using such services as career coaching, help in writing a resume and motivation letter, mentoring project, job fair, and refresher courses.
Meeting with the authorities of the Jagiellonian University Welcoming the participants, presentation of Intro Days programme and the structure as well as latest academic achievements of the University.
Student organizations Meeting with student organizations is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the structure and activities of the Student Government, Science Clubs, Student Ambassadors Group, student societies (in particular Bractwa Czapki Studenckiej) and the University’s “Slowianka” Song and Dance Group.
Financial aid The panel will present types of financial aid available for students of the Jagiellonian University. Participants will be introduced to the different types of offered scholarships, the application procedure for particular scholarships and the required documents. Each of the scholarships will be discussed while taking into account the eligibility of foreign students to receive them. The panel will end with a presentation about the student dormitories of the Jagiellonian University and Collegium Medicum.
insurance The lecture will present important information on health insurance in Poland. Participants will learn what conditions must be met in order to insure themselves through the University, what rights the insured is entitled to and where they should apply for insurance.
Fees The panel will present the most important information concerning tuition fees, in particular the regulations and deadlines for their payment. Also questions concerning the exemption from the tuition fee under particular circumstances and the procedure for filing an application for exemption will be discussed.
Organisation of the academic year The panel will present the most important dates of the academic year from the student's point of view, such as registration for classes or filing a declaration of choice of subjects. Questions related to the dates of classes and days off from classes will also be clarified.
NAWA scholarships One of the panels will be devoted to NAWA scholarships - The gen. Anders Programme, The Łukasiewicz Scholarship Programme and The Banach Scholarship Programme. The participants will be introduced to the scholarship payment procedure and additional benefits. The trainers will also address the relationship between the course of studies and the scholarship program regulations.
International and domestic exchanges The panel will present the most important international and domestic programmes available to each student of the Jagiellonian University. It will discuss the rules of participation and recruitment deadlines for particular programmes, the amount of the scholarship as well as possible destinations and duration of of the exchange.
Legalization of stay The panel will be led by employees of the Małopolska Provincial Office in cooperation with the Polish Border Guard, who will talk about the ways of legalizing the stay in Poland, rules of entry and exit from the country, types of visas and possible sanctions for illegal stay.
safe Student Rector's Proxy for Student Safety and Security will talk about her role, which is to support students, PhD candidates and the academic community in the broadly understood matter of security - which ranges from preventive and educational activities through the development and implementation of procedures to the ongoing response to security situations at the University.
USOSweb Workshops on how to use USOSweb, including assistance in registering for classes.
Library training Introduction to using the resources of the Jagiellonian Library and various faculty libraries.
Training in university etiquette Information about the specifics of the university, including training in the principles guiding the preparation and submission of applications. University rules of communication and the issue of netiquette will also be discussed.
Meeting with parents Past experience of the Jagiellonian University shows that there are many minors among foreign students. Because of this, we would like to propose a meeting aimed at parents, during which we will explain the most important differences related to the formalities of studying for adults and minors. We will also talk about the measures that the university takes to ensure the safety of your children. At the meeting, you will be able to ask the university staff questions of interest.

Presentations will be carried out by experts in the respective topics with simultaneous translation into English, depending on the language of the panel. Jagiellonian University Student Ambassadors will translate your questions, also form other languages.

The beginning of studies in a new place is also a great opportunity to get to know them from a slightly different, historical side. We encourage you to take advantage of the virtual tour of historical places related to the heritage of the Jagiellonian University.

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