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Exchange programmes

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Course Offer for exchange students

Course Offer for exchange students

Exchange students can choose from a wide variety of non-degree courses in taught in English and other foreign languages.

Incoming students who have a command of Polish of at least B2 may attend courses taught in Polish. However, these students have to ask the permission of the academic teacher or the coordinator of the institute/faulty that organizes the course.

Courses offered by the Faculty of Medicine are open only to medicine students. In order to obtain more information about their offer, please contact directly Agnieszka Wilk (coordinator of the Faculty of Medicine).

Students may choose among courses offered by the institute in which they are planning to study. It is allowed to choose courses offered by other faculties.

In order to register for courses of other institute/faculty, both institutional coordinators should give their consent.

Course description (syllabus, schedule etc.) can be found in USOSweb in the ‘catalogue’. It is not necessary to have an account in USOSweb in order to browse the catalogue. If the description of the course is not available in English, then we suggest contacting the Erasmus+ coordinator of the institute/faculty.

Where to find courses?

  • here: list of the courses planned for 2023/2024
    This course offer may be subject to change. The updated list of the courses will be published in September. We advise all students to check these courses in USOSweb (syllabus, schedule, number of credits and language of instruction). The most up-to-date and accurate information is always available in USOSweb.
  • in USOSweb:
    main menu Directory » Faculties » Jagiellonian University in Kraków » choose the desired unit (faculty/institute) » courses (on the right)

List of language courses (English, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish) offered by the Jagiellonian Language Centre is sent by International Students Office via e-mail to all students. Usually, information is provided two weeks after the start of the semester.

list of the courses for 2022/2023​ - for informational purposes only. Please note that the offer for academic year 2022/2023 may change. While preparing your Learning Agreement for academic year 2022/2023, please use preliminary list of the courses planned for academic year 2022/2023 mentioned above or contact your Erasmus+ Coordinator.


Registration for courses opens at the beginning of the semester. We advise students to check the exacts dates of registration in the registration calendar in USOSweb (available on the left).

It is suggested to register as soon as possible, since courses have limited number of places.

Rules of registration vary from institute to institute, therefore we suggest checking in the list of courses which rules apply for a particular course.

Registration options

  • Online registration in USOSweb. After registering for a course in USOSweb, students should link the course to the correct stage (ER - International Students Office). Instructions to USOSweb are available here.
  • Registration in the secretary office of the institute/faculty that offers the course. (applicable if online registration for the course is not available).
  • Via e-mail to the coordinator of the course (this type of registration will be defined in the list of courses file).

Grading scale

University grading scale related to ECTS grading system: 

grade  Local grade  Local definition 
F, X  Fail 
E Satisfactory 
D 3,5  Satisfactory Plus 
C Good 
B 4,5  Good Plus 
A 6 Very Good