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Legalisation of stay

All international students should legalise their stay in Poland. Students should consult the Polish Consulate in country before coming to Poland in order to find whether he/she needs a visa to stay for study period. A visa could be obtained in Polish Consulate in students country of living, on the basis of study admissions decision.

Formalities regardning the legalisation of the stay n Poland and the resident permit can be settled in Wydział Spraw Obywatelskich i Cudzoziemców, Małopolski Urząd Wojewódzki (Foreigners' Affaires Unit), ul. Przy Rondzie 6.

Foreigners should register their temporary residence in Poland in Wydział Spraw Administracyjnych, Referat Ewidencji Ludności, (Administrative Affaires Division) al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, or if they are residents of the district of Podgórze, at ul. Wielicka 28A. 
To register the stay, a student need to collect a form signed by an authorised person from your dormitory management, fill it out and go to the abouve address with a valid passport.

Persons living in private apartments need to provide a rental agreement or the owner's consent for registering their residence on a special form. For more information please contact Wydział Spraw Administracyjnych, Referat Ewidencji Ludności, (Administrative Affaires Division) al. Powstania Warszawskiego 10, or for residents of the district of Podgórze, at ul. Wielicka 28A.


EU Citizens

Citizens of the EU or Schengen member states may cross the Polish border on the basis of a valid travel document (passport/ identity card).

Non-EU Citizens

Citizens of countries other than member states of the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, may cross the external borders of the EU, including Polish borders provided they:

  • hold a valid travel document,
  • hold a valid visa, in the event when it is obligatory,
  • justify the purpose and conditions of their intended stay and prove they have sufficient means of subsistence for the planned stay and for a return journey to their country of origin or that they are capable to obtain such means lawfully,
  • have appropriate travel medical insurance.

You need to apply for a visa in a Polish consular office in your country of residence, providing the letter of invitation (acceptance letter) from Jagiellonian University in Kraków.

You should apply for a visa in advance as the issuing procedures can last several weeks. The list of Polish consular offices abroad is available on the website of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Schengen visa

Poland is a Member State of the Schengen Area. Receiving a short-stay Schengen visa (marked with a C symbol) allows a foreigner to enter the Polish territory and to travel freely within the Schengen Area. This type of visa gives its holder the right to spend up to 90 days within the Schengen Area within the period of six months. The period is calculated from the first entry. If you plan to spend less than 90 days in Poland, you should apply for this type of visa.

National visa

If you plan to spend more than 90 days (at least 91) in Poland, then you should apply for a long-stay Polish national visa (marked with a D symbol). Such visas are issued for a period no longer than a year and allow its holder to move within the territory of other Schengen states for up to three months within a half-year period.

Longterm stay in Poland

Info.opt – helpline/information about entry, stay and work in Poland for third country nationals


Documents needed to obtain a temporary stay permit due to full time study