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Applications for scholarships for the academic year 2022/2023

Applications for scholarships for the academic year 2022/2023

The call for applications for benefits for students and PhD students has started.
Applications should be registered in USOSweb and submitted in hard copy at the university.

Application deadlines:

  • application for a social scholarship for the winter semester: from 6 to 30 September (the call for applications for the summer semester will take place in January 2023);
  • application for a scholarship for students with disabilities: the scholarship is awarded from the month of submitting the application (if the application is submitted in September - from October);
  • request for special allowance: immediately, up to 3 months from the event;
  • application for an allowance from the Support Fund for students and doctoral students: continuous recruitment;
  • application for the rector's scholarship from 1 to 20 October;
  • application for a doctoral scholarship and an increase in the doctoral scholarship: from 1 to 20 September;
  • statement for PhD students at the doctoral school: continuous recruitment.

The application for a scholarship should be registered in the USOSweb (tab Common section, and there are Applications), then printed and submitted in a hard copy, together with the required documentation, to the appropriate unit.

The deadlines refer to the submission of the application on paper. Registering the electronic form in USOSweb is a technical step and does not constitute submission of an application.

More details, including information on how to apply

Centre for Academic Support - online registration of the visit (does not apply to departments located on Ruczaj Campus and Medical College).

Submitting an application, for example for the rector's scholarship, is possible in a marked box (located in front of the entrance to the Welcome Center, Centre for Academic Support, R. Ingardena 6), from Monday to Friday, during the building's opening hours.

Questions should be directed to the scholarship coordinator for a given faculty, whose details are in USOSweb, tab Common section, and Applications there (top part of the screen).